Becoming a Savvy, Successful Realtor

You step out into the real world after studying for long hours in the real estate books, suddenly the weight of the world sits on your shoulders. One small misstep could lead to financial disaster as a brand new realtor. You need to get your first taste of success to really believe that this thing is possible. Take some advice from more experienced real estate agents; don’t be too proud to ask for help. You may have memorized everything in the books during your real estate training, but new information and strategies are being developed every year. Keep these tips in-mind when starting down your first path to a career in real estate.

Make your brand stand out

Your first focus as a new up and coming realtor should be how to separate yourself from the swarm of competing realtors. You need to find a unique angle that no one else has, whether that is your logo, your catch-phrase, or the car you drive, it has to be something that leaves a lasting impression on people. Try not to be too flamboyant, you don’t want to come off as being too obnoxious. You’ll start out using a company brand, so start working on your own personal identifier early; otherwise you’ll never detach yourself from the dependency of that brand.

Corner your piece of the market

It’s a good idea to slowly become an expert for a particular segment of the real estate market. Being a realtor who specializes in nothing and leaves the decision making mainly on the shoulders of the seller is not a good approach. This is not only bad for business, but it also demonstrates a lack of value to you, as the real estate agent. Make a certain type of real estate your “thing”, like condominiums, vacation homes, vintage properties, and so on.

As you learn the do’s and don’ts of real estate, you’ll become more familiar with the jargon and laws that could potentially throw a wrench into your plans. You can’t become an expert at this stuff overnight, especially if you stretch yourself too thin or get the basics down. Try making some
custom made signs for your brand; it’s easier to picture your plans when you have a good working model. A few custom yard signs can be a sort of destiny manifesto that gets you motivated to really go out there and make yourself a household name.